Quality never compromised

At Barrett Group Custom Builders we provide expert, custom construction services to clients throughout BC. We also deliver what our customers want most: premium quality workmanship, rigorous project management and open, honest communication. So whether you’re building a new home, undertaking a major renovation, looking for a general contractor, or seeking exceptionally sound forming and framing – call us first. We’ll make sure you get the job done right.

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

Premium Quality Workmanship

galleryThumb01At Barrett Group Custom Builders, we’ve built our business around delivering premium quality construction work that looks beautiful, performs splendidly and stands the test of time. To do that, we use only the best; the best people, the best materials, the best practices and principles.  For us, delivering the finest in quality workmanship has become a bit of an obsession – one our customers thank us for, time and time again.

"BGCB provides excellent quality workmanship. You can see it in the details of our beautiful home."

Rigorous Project Management

galleryThumb03We know delivering a high-quality end-product is only part of the equation. Getting there in a timely, stress-free manner is just as important. That’s why Barrett Group Custom Builders provides comprehensive oversight, detailed timelines and transparent, line-by-line job-costing for every project. Updated regularly and always available for review, we’ve found these tools invaluable for achieving three key outcomes – tight schedules, accurate budgets and very happy customers.

"Our renovation was completed on-time and within the budget parameters that had been agreed upon in the early stages of the process."

Open Communication

galleryThumb05In construction, as in life, excellent communication drives excellent results. To ensure all parties understand their role and responsibilities, and stay on track to meet their targets, Barrett Group Custom Builders makes it our responsibility to promote frequent, meaningful communication between all stakeholders. We’re also committed to fostering effective collaboration, so projects flow smoothly and decisions are made with all data in hand.

"I always felt as if we were being listened to as well as being understood whenever we had questions about the process or budget analysis"