5 Tips for Successful Commercial Renovation in Vancouver

So, you’re considering a commercial renovation in Vancouver for your workspace. Whether it’s a minor cosmetic update, a redistribution of space for a more productive and efficient environment, or a sleek overhaul, keeping the below tips in mind will help you be satisfied with the work when it’s all said and done. Read on for things you can do to ensure your project is a great success.

  1.  Stay realistic

Every Vancouver office has some boundaries to contend with, whether it’s difficulties getting planning permission for a commercial renovation, budgetary constraints, or having less space than you’d like to play with. Staying realistic with your renovation goals is always a good piece of advice to follow, as it’s likely to contribute to a more effective result when the work is complete. Focus on the goals that are feasible, then plan for future updates down the line, if needed.

  1.  Plan, plan, plan

The more detailed the plan the better when it comes to commercial renovation in Vancouver. Lay out your ideas and aims to your Vancouver architect and contractor, and then take into account the feedback they provide to you, bearing in mind their experience in this area. After that, readjust and discuss until you’ve arrived at a design you are happy with. The more preparation you have for your project the better, so be clear and keep expectations transparent, as much as possible.

  1.  Have some contingency funds

Large projects can be vulnerable to going over time and over budget, as unexpected problems get in the way of work. Having a contingency fund to cover any extra expenses that pop up will protect you from unwanted surprises. Hoping for the best and planning for the worst is always a good rule of thumb. 

  1.  Sell what you don’t need

If you’re planning on getting rid of items that will no longer fit the décor, why not consider selling them for some extra cash? Using your entrepreneurial skills to turn what you already have into the workspace of your dreams will make it easier on the company’s pocket.

  1.  Augment your strengths

Consider the strengths of your commercial space and leverage them to be part of your renovation plans. Maybe you are happy with the lighting, the layout, or the furniture – if so, keep these aspects, and build on them to add to a working environment you can be truly proud to call yours.