Pressure washing before painting

Summer Clean Up

Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

Winter has come and gone, spring is on it’s way out and we are making room for summer! With that, it’s time to un-do your winter weather proofing and prepare your home for longer, hotter and dryer days ahead.

Take advantage of the nicer weather and the longer days to complete your list of home improvements and maintenance.

PLAN AHEAD! Know exactly what you want to get yourself into ahead of time. Taking on too many tasks can lead to longer and harder projects than anticipated, leaving no room to get your other projects checked off the list.

Start power washing! Clean off the residue that winter left behind, focusing on your driveway, patios and decks.

Clean your siding. Different types of siding require different methods of cleaning, and it’s important to find the right one for your home. All siding should be cleaned yearly to extend the life and durability, and make the repairs where necessary. By leaving damaged siding, you are at risk for winter weather causing a lot more damage down the road!

Repair doors and windows. Have you considered replacing your doors and windows with a more energy efficient alternative? Making effective changes will lengthen the life of your home and save you money where it matters.

Look for cracks in your foundation. Tour your home and inspect for cracks, if you find anything ensure you repair it ahead of time

Beat the heat. Is your air conditioning system doing its job? Get ahead of the rush by testing all of your HVAC systems before the heats gets to you first! Stay on top of maintenance requirements.

Prepare for PESTS. Summer is here and the animals are back! Protect your home against unwanted guests by keeping your yard tidy and monitoring for pests that show up unannounced. Different products are designed to protect different areas of your home, so make sure you are using the correct ones!

Conducting regular maintenance will not only give life to your home, but you may even see an increase in property value. Who doesn’t want that!

Modernize Your Home with Building Contractors in Vancouver

Living in the city of Vancouver is a dream come true for many of us. It is an incredible city to settle down in, featuring beautiful scenery, endless activities, great amenities, and a diverse, growing community. However, some of us who are enjoying our busy urban lives in Vancouver don’t get to do it in homes that reflect our lifestyles.

Many of us live in older homes in Vancouver. Home prices here are expensive, and it’s not really due to the type of home, it’s because of the space. The city is so in-demand to live in that every bit of space is valuable, even if the dwelling on it is substandard. A lot of people end up buying these types of homes just so that they can live in the city.

However, at Barrett Group Custom Builders, we know that there are ways to modernize your home with the help of building contractors in Vancouver. This can be done through either renovating your current home or by demolishing it and building a brand new one.

Renovation Contractors

You will be surprised at just how much a home can be changed through renovations, thanks to our building contractors in Vancouver at Barrett Group Custom Builders. We can transform your home, while still keeping the foundations and frame. This can be done through a number of projects, such as an extension, knocking down walls, or installing new features.

Bringing more light into your home is a very good way to modernize it. Building contractors in Vancouver can do this by installing more windows or skylights. They can also cause your home to run more efficiently by installing things like solar panels as a new way to obtain energy.

Custom Home Builders

If you would like a brand-new home, then our building contractors in Vancouver can create an amazing custom home for you. It will have all of the modern features that you desire and will likely increase in value over the next number of years as more people flock to the city of Vancouver and look to buy newer homes.

At Barrett Group Custom Builders, our building contractors in Vancouver will create the home that you desire, which will not only look fantastic, but will function extremely well and fit in perfectly with your modern lifestyle in this awesome city.