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Top Tips to Prepare for Home Renovation in Vancouver

Getting a home renovation in Vancouver is an exciting time. It is a chance for your home to become as livable and beautiful as the city in which it is located. At the Barrett Group, we know how much of a difference a home renovation in Vancouver can make and we want the process to be as enjoyable as the result. To help you achieve this, we want to offer up some tips so that you can be as prepared as possible for your home renovation in Vancouver.

Box Up Your Belongings

If your home renovation in Vancouver is happening to an existing room or rooms in your home, make sure you clear it well in advance. When you box up your belongings a little at a time, it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task. For one room, for example, you could aim to pack up one to two boxes a day for a week or two. That means that you can leave the essentials in there until the last minute, while not burning up too much energy each night. If space is tight, you may need to arrange a storage facility to hold your belongings during the renovation, especially if it takes place across multiple rooms, so make sure you have this booked in advance.

Inform Your Neighbours

Home renovation in Vancouver can create a bit of noise. In order to promote kinship in your community, give your neighbours some notice before your home renovation in Vancouver. They will appreciate this courtesy and you can reassure them that it won’t be for long, it won’t be continuous, and it will only take place during allowable working hours. Most people will be understanding and perhaps once they see the finished result they will be inspired to undertake home renovation in Vancouver themselves.

Arrange Alternative Accommodation if Needed

If your home renovation in Vancouver is a large job, you might need to move out of your home for a few weeks or months. Try to arrange alternative accommodation well in advance and if possible stay with friends or family members. Hotels in Vancouver can be very expensive and book up quickly, so if you leave organizing this aspect of home renovation in Vancouver until the last minute, you may need to drop a large amount of money.

When you work with Barrett Group, we will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for home renovation in Vancouver. We will make the entire process stress free and you will be able to enjoy all of the amazing results of home renovations in Vancouver with no negative consequences.

Tips from Home Renovation Services Experts – How to Improve Your Home

We spend a huge amount of time at home. It should be a place that is a sanctuary, and a space that works well for our comfort and our needs. If you are not entirely happy with your current home, you can avail of home renovation services in order to improve it. Those who work for home renovations services agree that these are the top three ways in which you can improve your home, if you are not currently happy with it.

Extend Your Home

Home renovations services can extend your home, if you have the space available on your property and local planning authorities allow it. Opening up your kitchen or living room can offer you the space that you need to keep your home orderly and neat. If you have a family, it is natural that you will eventually need more space as it grows, and adding a home extension is the perfect solution.


Home renovation services can also work with the space that you do have, without expanding it. Conversions are very popular home renovations. A lot of property owners turn their attics into bedrooms, or their basements into rental suits. These rooms are usually used for storage, but not to their full potential, and home renovation services can help maximize the use of this space.


Another popular type of home renovation service is a good old-fashioned home makeover! We all eventually tire of the way our homes look and home renovation services can help update it. Whether you want to improve your kitchen layout, update your bathroom, or renovate any other part of your home, an excellent home renovation services team will help you do that. This can make your space more inviting and livable, and it will also give you the chance to be creative. Some people knock down walls, while others put in new kitchen counters and appliances. Renovations are a way to make your space better, without having to spend a larger amount of money to rebuild.

For homeowners, home renovation services can offer a new lease on life to your property. There are endless options when it comes to home renovation services. Talk to your contractors and you will be able to come up with a plan that will work with your current property, and your budget.

Bring Your Old Home Into the 21st Century

In Vancouver, if you were lucky enough to purchase a home before the property market exploded and prices skyrocketed, you probably feel that it is now starting to seem a little outdated. There are new developments popping up in the city of Vancouver everyday, from slick, high-rise condos, to compact houses, to mega mansions. While you certainly want to keep your space in the world’s most livable city, you probably want something a bit more modern. With a renovations contractor in Vancouver, you can do this.

How Home Renovations Contractors in Vancouver Work

A renovations contractor in Vancouver will take the space that you currently live in and make it better – much better! It’s a way to take the basic structure of a property and make changes to it, big or small, depending on the needs of the client. This could involve knocking down interior walls or extending onto the exterior of a house. A renovation could even take place below, if you are transforming an old basement into a new suite where somebody can live.

Why Go with a Specialist Home Renovations Contractor in Vancouver?

You will want to go with a building contractor that specializes in home renovations for a variety of reasons. One is that they will be familiar with building laws in the city, so you know that you will not be breaking the law by building your particular extension, or whatever you have planned. A specialist who works with home renovations in Vancouver will also be able to modernize your home without destroying it. They can work with as little or as much as you want, utilizing their resourcefulness for the benefit of the client.

Where Do I Find a Renovations Contractor in Vancouver?

There are lots of ways to find contractors in Vancouver, but as we mentioned before, you will want to go with a company that specializes in home renovations. Obviously, looking online is a great place to start. Many great renovations contractors in Vancouver will include testimonials and samples of their work on their website, so you will have an idea of what type of renovations they do.

How Much Will a Renovations Contractor in Vancouver Cost?

There is no single answer to this question. But what we can assure you is that a renovations contractor in Vancouver will cost less than purchasing a new home in the city! Book a consultation with your renovations contractor in Vancouver and they will go over your requirements and discuss the costs with you.

3 Home Renovations to Try in Vancouver


Deciding on the right home renovations in Vancouver isn’t always easy. Although there is often a vision in mind, those who own older buildings don’t always know whether their ideal home is possible. By choosing experienced custom home builders, clients have the opportunity to discuss their options and gain a better understanding of the feasibility of their goals with professionals, who will make every effort to ensure they happen. Read on for 3 ideas for very achievable home renovations in Vancouver that will change your home, and your lifestyle, dramatically.

An Open Floor Plan

We all want more space in our homes, and often the best way to achieve that is by converting to an open plan interior. Walls can create little boxy rooms, so it can be difficult to experience the full amount of space a property has to offer.

Professionals of home renovations in Vancouver can engineer the updates without affecting the integrity of a home, by using hidden support beams that will bolster the structure in the place of walls. This allows more light to enter, as well as giving the illusion of much more space. A wonderful way to make a living area more contemporary, an open floor plan is perfect for smaller and bigger homes alike.

A Garden Redesign

No matter now nice your interiors are, the first impression your home makes on visitors is the exterior, so having an elegant garden makes all the difference. More than that, a cluttered, unwelcoming garden doesn’t make anyone want to go out and enjoy the sunshine when the summer comes around. There are so many options with a home renovation of your Vancouver garden, like adding new decking, constructing a tasteful outdoor fire pit, augmenting pathways, water features, and greenery, or even tastefully giving yourself more privacy.

Bathroom Updates

Though not a whole-home update, bathrooms are one of the rooms in a house that come with more permanent fixtures, and so can feel a little bit old even when the rest of the house looks new. While the living room, bedroom, and even kitchen furniture can be replaced without too much hassle, bathrooms are trickier to revamp. Bathroom home renovations in Vancouver can give a heritage home a new lease of life. By adjusting the layout, expanding the size, adding new fittings, and even selecting extra luxuries, such as radiant floor heating, your living space will feel completely updated afterward.