We know delivering a high-quality end-product is only part of the equation. Getting there in a timely, stress-free manner is just as important. That’s why Barrett Group Custom Builders provides comprehensive oversight, detailed timelines and transparent, line-by-line job-costing for every project. Updated regularly and always available for review, we’ve found these tools invaluable for achieving three key outcomes – tight schedules, accurate budgets and very happy customers.
BARRETT GROUP CUSTOM BUILDERS can effectively manage every stage of your project. There are many steps that are taken to manage the construction process efficiently and transparently.
BGCB is there for you from "start to finish" with sub trade coordination and selection; development of comprehensive schedules and budgets that are constantly updated and reviewed; and careful project oversight. Excellent communication is extremely important in reducing stress, increasing efficiencies and improving quality of the end result. Everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are and when they need to be completed. We guide you through the process, answer your questions, identify appropriate suppliers, assign team responsibilities, and set milestones for major task completions.
We also coordinate the chosen suppliers, develop a detailed schedule showing all deliverables, as well as supervise the work in progress. We update these schedules to reflect any changes in the project. This results in many benefits to you, the homeowner: you can plan with accuracy/confidence knowing that our comprehensive budgeting and detailed Project Cost Analysis reports help control and inform you of the project cost and progress. All of these details and time and effort, decided before the work begins, let's you set a budget and achieve fiscal responsibility throughout the project. You know exactly what is going into your home and what it will cost. BGCB will create an itemized list that outlines pricing, descriptions and pictures of your home selections. This can be updated regularly to reflect expenditures to date as well as any changes in the design process. Regular meetings are used to review the project progress and analyze projected costs as well as projected schedules.